Monday, January 28, 2013

Nuby Potty Seat Review

I must admit, I am scared....its time to potty train my daughter. I am so ready to be done with diapers :)   but I am sure its lot more difficult than what it looks like. I recently read an article on babycenter. It talked about ABCs of potty training:

  • A. Assess your child's readiness — and your own

  • B. Buy the right equipment

  • C. Create a routine

  • D. Demonstrate for your child

  • E. Explain the process

  • F. Foster the habit

  • G. Grab some training pants

  • H. Handle setbacks gracefully

  • I. Introduce night training

  • J. Jump for joy — you're done!

  • First of all after seeing its the time and my daughter started showing signs of being ready, I had  to choose a right equipment. I wanted something simple and easy to clean. I tried Nuby Potty Seat and liked it. The height is perfect and I made my little girl comfortable with it pretty fast.

    Nuby Potty Seat

    Choosing the right seat is very important to overcome the anxiety some children feel about the grown-up toilet – some fear falling into it, others dislike the loud noise of the flush. Though at our home, its the other way round, my daughter loves the noise of flush and she would keep flushing over and over again :)

     Removable basin

             I like that the potty seat has a non-skid base and is very comfortable for her. The removable basin is easy to empty and super easy to clean.

    Some children are ready to start potty training as early as 18 months, while others aren't interested in the process until after the age of 3. Most of y friends started potty training when their children are about 2 and a half. So if you think your child is ready and are looking for a potty seat, I would highly recommend Nuby Potty Seat and you can buy it at one of these retailers:

    Learn more about Nuby products at:




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