Friday, January 25, 2013

Nuby Medical Kit Review

Is this season bad or is it just me?  Our little girl had a bad round of cough and cold recently and this Nuby Medical Kit was a life saver. This has everything you will need in a Medical kit:

  1. Sure-Dose Medicine Dropper: Ensures accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliters (ml).  We had to give my daughter her medicine every few hours. I could wash it off easily after use and it dried up fast before her next dose.
  2. Medi•Nurser : Provides an easy and accurate way to administer oral medicine or vitamins to your baby. I love this and regret it not getting it earlier. My daughter is not a fan of her vitamin drops but loves taking it this way. It looks like a small bottle and would be so much easy with bottle fed babies too.
  3. Nasal Aspirator with Ear Syringe: Soft tip is safe and gentle to baby’s nose and ears! When our little girl had her recent cold, she could not sleep because of nasal congestion.  We used this to clear her nose before nap time (even though most kids don't like this), but it gave her immediate relief and she could sleep better.
  4. Sure-Dose Medicine Spoon:  It insures accurate dosage measurement in both teaspoons and milliliters (ml). The spoon was designed for a child to hold, enabling them to take their medicine themselves. No mess or waste, and a Sure-Dose is given simply and effectively. I have not tried it yet with my daughter. But as she is getting more and more into " I want to do it on my own " phase , I see using this in future.
  5. Digital Thermometer: Lightweight and measures your child’s temperature with clinical accuracy in 30 seconds. It comes with a protective cover.
  6. Nail Clipper:The clipper and its curved edges are scaled down for ease of use on small child's nails.
I like this kit a lot and would highly recommend it.  It has all medical need supplies in  it. Its a must for every baby registry. So if you like it and want to buy one for you or for a friend having a baby, you can buy it at one of these retailers:

Learn more about Nuby products at:




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