Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just joined this bzzcampaign. I am so excited to try burt's bees sensitive skincare
Nourish, cleanse and moisturize your sensitive skin without redness or irritation. Its hard to find good natural skincare products...But I am confident that Burt's bees wouldtake care of my sensitive skin. Did you try Burt's bees yet?

Now a Mom

Its been forever that I thought of blogging. When I 1st thought of blogging ...all I wanted was to write about fun things, gossips, new recipes I tried. Then I met the luv of my life...my hubby. I thought I should blog about us, how we met. Then I got married...and I thought I should blog about places to eat, shop, my life, my deals. Now here I am ...a MOM...now all I want to blog is about my Anny...my sweet little Anny. So finally after I became a mom and had no time left...I started my blog. Be prepare to have fun