Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fridge Shelf liners makeover

I was so tired to look at stained and boring fridge shelves. A quick wipe and liners matching home décor came to rescue. Thankfully the grip prints not only protects slips but are washable and stain-resistant.


And below are all after pics:


I used Con-Tact brand Grip prints liners in Talisman Blue color. Recently I changed all my home décor to blue accents. Being a PINK lover, it was a very difficult decision to make but I wanted it to neutralize all pink in my life :) I am so happy that I chose this color as it matches perfectly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Puzzle boxes organized!!!

My daughter loves puzzles especially the smaller ones that have 24-48 pcs. The biggest problem was missing pieces and all boxes were adding up the junk. 

So on the hunt for an idea to make it more organized and fun puzzle time.....I bought pencil pouches. These are PERFECT especially the ones that have double zip.


 I used the bigger zip area for all puzzle pieces and the clear plastic see through area of pouch can be used to place the picture of puzzle.

 Super easy and looks fun too. You can easily buy these pencil pouches at a dollar tree or staples or can order a box of 10 at amazon.

I chose to place them all in a ring to keep them together. Other options can be to zip tie them. You can also place them a in a 3 ring folder but if it's out of sight in a folder than its not going to get used often :)

I placed them in my media cabinet.  Happy Organizing!!!