Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yogurt on face:)

Its a dry weather here and kind of over drying when it comes to dry skin like mine. My baby too has got dry skin which easily gets irritated in this harsh weather. I keep moisturizing every time I change her. Then I remembered mom's trick. My mom used to always make a yogurt pack and apply on our skin to keep it moisurized. My little girl loves eating yogurt, so when I gave her yogurt the other day...I applied it over my face and then her's. I would admit that she was licking her face :).
     When it comes to baby, I like to keep it natural and whats more natural than a whole milk yogurt. Now when she is an year old and whole milk is good for her, I could try this. We did this with organic yogurt ofcourse. It was so cooling, mositurizing and fun.
    Do you have any natural tricks to keep baby skin soft and mositurized?

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