Thursday, July 19, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race

So the day has come. I wont hide that I had been googling since few months that when do babies walk. Annika was taking steps holding sofa since so long. We had her 15 month immunization on Monday, 16th of July. The doctor asked all developmental questions and then she asked. Is she walking yet? And the first time mom inside me couldn't stop and blurted that I am scared if its too late. But doctor reassured that some kids walk at around 18 months. I love holding Annika but having tendinitis in both hands after delivery has really took its toll on my strength.
      We came back home. I put Annika on floor and all of a sudden Annika gets up and starts walking and it was not her usual 3 steps but lot more. She has not stopped since. I am so happy that Annika is walking and loving it. She looks so different.

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