Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chicken Curry- moms style

I love how tasty this chicken curry made by mom tastes. The recipe is so easy but I have never been able to make it taste the same way. Its always best when cooked by mom :)  But she graciously agreed to share her recipe with me and my readers.
  • Chicken leg pcs -5 (fat removed, and make slits all over it so that masalas are absorbed)
  • tomatoes- 3 pureed
  • onions- 2 pureed
  • garlic flakes-4 pureed with onions
  • ginger- 1 inch pureed with onions
  • kasturi methi 3 tsp
  • yogurt- tsp
  • cilantro for garnishing
  • ghee-5 tsp
  • salt- 1 1/2 tsp
  • garam masala- 1 1/4 tsp
  • MDH butter chicken masala - 2 tsp
  • red chilli powder (optional)


 1) In a pan, heat ghee, once hot add the onion, garlic and ginger puree and keep stirring on low-med flame.

 2) Keep stirring onions till little brown (approx 6 mins).  Make a puree of tomatoes. Now add chicken pcs in pan. Keep stirring on low-med flame.

3) After 4 mins of stirring chkn pcs, add in kasturi methi. Stir for 4-5 more mins.

4) Add in tomato puree. Now keep stirring on med flame for 13 mins . Then add chkn masala and garam masala.

5) After 2 mins of adding those, add in salt and keep stirring.

6) now after 3 mins, add yogurt and give it a good mix.

7) Now after 8 mins of adding yogurt add water. Get a boil and keep stirring occasionally closing the lid to save in aroma. Keep adding 1 tbsp water few times if gravy thickens.

8) Add in cilantro, keep on low flame for approx 15-20 mins till done. Your super delicious chicken curry is ready.

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