Friday, November 20, 2015

Frosch Cleaning products review

    Holiday season is here and getting my home ready is my top priority right now.  I like to start early so that when unexpected company comes I won’t get caught off guard. I love cleaning my home.....oh wait! I meant, I like when home is all cleaned up.  I like good cleaners that make my work easier but always had to mask chemical odors in those household cleaners with room fresheners :(

    I tried a few green cleaners, even though loved that it was all natural and no chemicals but they did not work well for everyday cleaning.

    I recently got a chance to try 2 of Frosch products and am impressed. The products were not just environmentally friendly but worked as good as traditional cleaners.

    Frosch's 9 points: Natural Ingredients, Vegetable origin, skin-friendly, no damaging chemicals, recyclable materials, respects animals, energy-conscious production, company water treatment plant and 25 years of experience.

Lavender Sanitizing Cleaner

    I tried the Lavender Sanitizing Cleaner is my bathroom where I do need extra strong cleaning and sanitizing but definitely don't need chemicals. It cleaned well and at the end everything was sparkly and no harsh fumes only lavender scent in the bathroom. This spray not just sanitizes but inhibits bacterial growth.  My 4 yr old daughter was so excited and asked if I had flowers hidden in bathroom :) Its a first time that I did not have to spray an air freshener after cleaning!

Unscented Sensitive Provitamin Dishwashing Liquid

    Now with holidays, comes tons of cooking :) Every time I wash dishes, I feel my skin gets more drier especially in winters. I love how Frosch Provitamin Dishwashing Liquid not just helps me get sparkly dishes but also is moisturizing for my skin. It has no fragrance or dyes so it 's good for sensitive skin too! The vegan formula infused with B5 prevents dry, chapped skin.  This would be perfect for washing baby bottles too.
    There are so many more amazing Frosch products that I want to try like their Lemon Toilet Bowl Cleaner and many more. You can try them all by buying their Sampling Cleaning kit which has a variety of cleaning high quality products for just $25 shipped.
You can learn about more amazing Frosch products and connect with them here:
Frosch Website
Frosch Facebook
Disclaimer: I was given a chance to try these amazing products for free. All opinions expressed are my own.

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