Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Decorating pumpkins with my 4 yr old! #DisneySide

First of all, I would say....I can't believe Halloween is almost here. This year is going way faster than ever. After a recent field trip to a pumpkin farm and picking her favorite pumpkins, next thing on my daughter's mind was decorating them :) 
 I would admit, I have never carved a pumpkin...and I was really scared to handle tools around my daughter...so we opted to color and decorate. And it was way more fun and my daughter could do it all. She loves when she can complete a craft project without me helping her.  There are variety of kits to decorate pumpkins available at store, we chose Disney ones :)


We love these Ikea tables for all kind of coloring projects, we started by coating our pumpkin with black paint.

Once it was all colored and dried, it was more of just peeling the stickers and attaching it to our pumpkin face Minnie.

I totally recommend it for fun Halloween craft ideas with kids :) Love showing our #DisneySide in every celebration.

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