Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 min Feng shui

This is a term often used by my Darling Husband (DH) and me. Before our baby, we used to really take time on organizing and decorating home. But as life got busier, we call it 5 min Feng shui. When we utter this means we will both get up, find a nook or corner, give it a good 5 mins and make it an organized one. Over the years, we have realized, there's no point doing it all at once, 5 mins several times over  a weekend or a weekday can do wonders. ofcourse to reach to a organized state first would be helpful to maintain it. But if you cant then try this. This also works when someone is about to visit our place. I tackle bathroom and kitchen and DH does all heavy duty like vaccuming ;) Now this section of my blog will have all helpful tips to getting you and me organized.If I am really stressed/depressed, I try this trick which I read in amagazine. Just get up, find a drawer or a shelf and organize it. It really makes me happy at end. Afterall its the chaos that adds to stress :)

My house is super organized on days when internet is not working :)

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